How To Handle Infants When Taking Photographs

You should feel honoured when a client of yours wants you to take photographs of their newborn. Parents love to dote on their children from the day they are born and they will love to start capturing their kids’ childhood. Because you deal with children, there are certain things that must remembered very carefully especially because newborns can catch germs very carefully. You will also need to remember that these photos need to capture the child in a different portrait of light.

There might be instances when the mother has a pregnancy photography Perth session is arranged to create a portfolio for the newborn and include all the shots in the future.

Clean hands
When you are handling infants as a newborn photographer, it is very important to be clean as they are susceptible to catch germs very easy. Therefore, using a good hand wash is critical and you should always wash them before you touch an infant. Use a clean towel to wipe you hands and make sure that it is washed daily in detergent. You can always use sanitizer but it is not as effective as using soap and water.

Keeping the room at the correct temperature
Infants get cold very quickly because they are new to the world and are still adapting to the environment. Their bodies do not have the ability to regulate the body warmth to adapt to the environment. Therefore, keeping the studio warm will be ideal so that the baby will stay asleep or not cry as often when you are trying to take photographs. You can always use a few heaters based on the size of the room and ensure that it is not too close to the infant.

When using props you need to ensure that they are clean as much as they look cute. You can always ask the parents to bring pillows or baskets that they approve. Pillows can be used to make the baby look comfortable while being photographed. Baskets can be decorated in various ways and can be flexible and used in many places.

A spotter
The mother or father of the infant will help you to hold the baby while the child is in pose for the photo. Infants tend to move around and therefore, someone needs to try and hold it in place to quickly capture it.

Using a beanbag is a good method in the instance when the baby is carried from flat surfaces for a photo.

Prepare yourself for any accidents that can happen. It is important to be prepared cause babies need to change their diapers or might even urinate on the studio floor. Using these little tips you can rise up to become a very good baby photographer! 300px-MyGrad