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When we look over the past centuries it is to be noted that line markings are used for different reasons. Line markings are usually seen on playgrounds, car parking’s, schools, airports, road, residential buildings and industrial areas also it can be found of several other places where it is beneficial. Different style of line markings are found on the buildings, roads and industrial areas. In this article we will discuss about the importance of line markings in industries. Have you ever thought that why line markings are necessary inside the premises of the manufacturing company/warehouses and how it helps workers?

There are many dangerous areas in industry which cause many major accidents. Hence, it is required to nominate these areas to safe everyone from any kind of injury that may lead to any physical disability. Below are the few reasons for which line markings are done:

  1. Different areas can be identified.
  2. Location can be organized.
  3. Awareness of the location can be created.
  4. Structure can be kept well.
  5. Confusions can be prevented.
  6. Collisions and accidents can be prevented.
  7. Pedestrians and vehicles can be separated.
  8. Pathways for vehicles can be followed easily.
  9. Different between zones can be distinguished.
  10. Dangers can be alerted.
  11. Different instructions can be given.
  12. Can be used for guide about lifts, parking, phones, first-aid, exit etc. 

Industrial and warehouse areas are big enough and many of the heavy duty vehicles are used inside the premises like forklifts, mini cranes and many more subject to requirement of the business. Usage of the heavy duty vehicle indoor can be found very dangerous if there is not precautionary method is applied. Many times pedestrians workers are collided with the vehicles and it lead them into serious trouble that is major injuries and sometime major injuries cause into to permanent disability. These types of accidents are not favorable for business owner. Although there is accidental insurance facility available for the workers but insurance is not able to recover any permanent disability. Due to major and critical accidents many of the workers (even they are not victim) leave the job immediately or in very short time of period. As much resignation of the workers a business owner receives its business operations are disturbed and results into loss. Go right here to find out more details.

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